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Markus Schweiger

Options Trader | Mentor | Quantitative Finance | Algorithmic Trading | Investor
About Me

Professional Experience

I have started my career as a derivatives trader whilst I was studying economics at LMU in Munich. I always had a keen interest in the financial markets and traded options long before getting insight into the professional trading environment. I completed internships at Merrill Lynch and UBS in Frankfurt/Main and was hired by UBS as a junior on their German trading desk. Shortly after I moved to London where I went on to become the head of the European single stocks derivatives trading desk. In 2017 I moved to Deutsche Bank to help develop the footprint in the competitive European equity derivatives market. I experienced and traded many different market environments.  The bull market in the early 2000s, the financial crisis in 2008, the European sovereign crisis and the many low volatility markets in between. This made me a well rounded, profitable trader with excellent risk management skills. In 2013, I completed the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF), to enhance my quantitative trading skills. Straight after that I concentrated on learning to code in Python. I couple those skills to develop my own derivatives trading algorithms and optimal intraday and multi time frame gamma hedging strategies. 


What can I offer?

Equity Derivatives Trading

I am an experienced institutional equity derivatives trader with 18 years of experience in European and Emerging Markets. I have led a team of six traders whilst I was the head of a multi million dollar derivatives trading desk. My trading style is dominated by algorithmic decision making and rule based trading.  

portfolio management - derivatives overlay

I can help enhance your fund performance by implementing a derivatives overlay strategies. I have developed several standalone derivatives trading strategies. A lot of my quantitative research over the past few years has been spent on finding optimal gamma hedging approaches to improve the performance of a derivatives portfolio. 

Consultancy - Subject Matter Expert

I can help with anything related to derivatives trading, pricing and risk management. I have working experience as an SME related to the implementation of the European FTRB regulation. 

Guest Speaker

Being a highly experienced financial markets expert, I can give your audience valuable insight into the technicalities of financial markets. Having traded derivatives in some of the most exciting times in recent history, I can also speak about the many different events that have affected and changed the global financial markets over the last 20 years. 

About Markus Schweiger

Financial Markets expert

I am a highly professional Equity Derivatives Trader with significant experience gained within Investment Banking and quantitative trading. Key expertise lies in a deep understanding of the capital markets including developed and emerging equities and equity-linked instruments.

Companies I’ve Worked For

Markus has a great combination of technical depth, intellect and experience. Over the 8 years we worked together at UBS I came to know him as a highly capable and adaptable trader with excellent knowledge of the European derivatives space. He has advanced his analytical skills with the Certificate in Quantitative Finance and is creative when it comes to coding his own trading tools in VBA. As a manager, Markus delivered constructive criticism whilst being open and supportive. His hard work, continuous drive for improvement and positive attitude make him a great asset to any business and a pleasure to work with. I’d confidently recommend him for a senior role.” – Andrew Johnson, EQD Trader

Markus is a class act, hard working individual who is always prepared to go the extra mile to find a solution. He is has an in-depth knowledge of the derivatives markets and has very strong quantitative and analytical skills. Markus understands the many different factors that move global markets, identifies them and adjusts his trading accordingly.


Head of Trading, Deutsche Bank

Working with Markus has been a constant pleasure and thanks to his commitment, we’ve managed to achieve very good results. He’s been a very reliable and dedicated colleague for the 5 years. I strongly recommend his skills. 


EQD Sales, UBS